READ ON Bookstore, located in Toronto, Canada, is a Christian bookstore dedicated to serving the Lord by providing lively resources for churches, ministers, missions groups and committees, and individuals.

Bernice Quek started the bookstore nearly a decade ago and continues to give leadership to READ ON. Currently, the bookstore is located in the front lobby of the offices of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, but Bernice is committed to "go where the people are," setting up book displays at Christian conferences, book fairs, McMaster Divinity College, and Baptist Women events.

READ ON is the sole distributor to several books for that describe Canadian Baptist distinctives. Still, the bookstore carries books that are of interest to followers of Jesus across denominational lines.

READ ON also provides worship supplies like bulletins, Sunday School materials, pastoral books, church library books to a variety of churches across Canada.

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Bernice Quek

Bernice Quek, Bookstore Owner

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