We offer a vast array of worship and Christian education supplies such as:

Bulletins for Every Occasion

We can supply you with bulletins covers for every occasion in the church year, including special occasions such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, weddings, baptisms, missions day, Christian Education events and more. Prices on the bulletins are excellent, and we provide a volume discount to orders that exceed a total of 500 bulletins. That is, if you order 5 different bulletin designs at 100 bulletins each (making a total of 500 bulletins) in any one order, you get a great volume discount...and the discount gets better if your order exceeds 1,000 bulletins!

Contact us, and we'll get an order form out to you, along with catalogues of bulletin designs you can choose from.

SALE BULLETINS - We have a special category called sale bulletins for which we give heavy discounts. With this option, you choose the category of bulletin, and READ ON makes the choice of design. For example, let's say that you want 100 sale bulletins for each Sunday of Advent and Christmas, amounting to four different bulletin designs for Advent, and one for Christmas. With the sale bulletins price, we'll select five different beautiful designs appropriate for each Sunday and send them to you, all at a discounted rate.

Communion Ware

READ ON can also supply you with communion supplies such as cups (glass or plastic disposal), trays, stands, and table cloths.


We supply a large variety of certificates for church use, including baptismal certificates, dedication, membership, and many more. We can also provide you with materials for your financial year, such as offering envelopes, tellers sheets, and official tax receipts. Many churches also keep in contact with their members through remembering them on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. We help churches do that effectively by providing box greeting cards at tremendous prices. We even carry computer software to help you maintain an updated church membership list, keep good accounts, match offering envelopes to donor's names and addresses, and much more.

Contact us, and we'll see to it that you get the materials that you need.

Christian Education

Christian Education materials constitutes perhaps the largest section of READ ON's services to churches. We provide a phenomenal range of books for children, for the teachers communicating material to children, for adults needing Bibles, Bible commentaries, or Bible study materials. We also have books for pastors, teachers, ministry workers and curious readers that cover a large variety of subjects from a Christian perspective.

We carefully vet the books we choose so that the authors and publishers we carry are the finest in the Christian book industry.

Drama & Music Supplies and Sound Equipment Guides

We also carry material that you'll need for both contemporary and traditional worship music. Music books, hymnals, piano copies, and CDs are available from READ On at your order. We've been supplying hymnals and Bibles to church pews for many years. Many contemporary church services also include drama ideas, and we have a great supply of materials for dramas and skits for any age group as well.

Other Supplies

READ ON can supply your church with offering plates, pulpit bibles and many other items that you may need in your worship services.

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