God in My Everything

Released this summer, God in My Everything, by Canadian author Ken Shigematsu, is a down-to-earth book that expresses how spiritual formation is more than just solitude and quiet reflection. Spiritual formation happens in the everyday, so that even a busy life can be fertile ground for Christian growth.

God in My EverythingIn an age of self-help and quick fixes, God in My Everything encourages readers to walk the old paths of the Jesus tradition – prayer, fasting, hospitality, and witness. I found this book especially compelling because of the way Shigematsu’s writing exudes grace. For once, the spiritual disciplines seem accessible and not overly burdensome. Reading the book did not trigger feelings of guilt (for not doing enough) but inspired me to invite God to enter parts of my life I hadn’t seriously considered letting him enter before.

I was not aware of the ‘rule of life’ concept previously, a view of daily life drawn from the monastic tradition, but am glad Shigematsu has dusted off this forgotten treasure of Christian history and demonstrated its immense contemporary relevance. Many of us live disjointed and distracted lives; a rule of life helps us allow God to integrate these threads back together.

Through poignant insights, memorable anecdotes, and a hybrid Japanese / Canadian perspective, Shigematsu provides a unique perspective on aspects of life rarely discussed in discipleship literature – play, Sabbath, family life. Reading this book reawakened my desire to live deeply in a superficial age.

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Book review by: Jacob Buurma (opening paragraph adapted from Zondervan)

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